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Ahh Jamaica…a place where you can run your toes through white sand while sipping endless piña coladas from an all-inclusive bar until your stomach hurts.

…but why not try something different?

The resort

Tucked away in the Jamaican foliage in Port Antonio is an eco resort with the majority of its rooms tree houses situated on the edge of a cliff. Great Huts is a fusion between Jamaican and African culture best seen through the rustic design of the resort.

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Most of the structures at Great Huts are made from bamboo and are accompanied with thatched roofs. Gravel paths wind through a maze of wild vegetation to unveil periodic displays of African carvings and exotic clusters of flowers.

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The main lobby and restaurant of Great Huts is surrounded by colorful clusters of exotic flowers.

great huts-25 copy

great huts-12 copy

Believe it or not–this is actually one of the huts you can stay in!

The breakfast

Just when you think it can’t get more naturalistic, breakfast is served in front of tropical birds chatting away while you eat with utensils shaped from a coconut shell.

And might I add, as simple as this breakfast was, it was delicious!


The tree houses

Great Huts is not your typical accommodation. Instead of rooms, you can opt for a tree house, hut or rather large tent. There are 17 choices to choose from and each one is uniquely designed.

great huts-2 copy

Mine in particular had an open-air balcony with heavy curtains weighted with rocks in case it rained…which it did. Hard. I’m talking massive-thunderstorm hard. But to my surprise the curtains, for the most part, kept the rain at bay.

great huts-19

My tree house had two floors and if you walked down the wooden staircase, you found a bunk bed, a mini refrigerator, and the bathroom—which might have been my favorite part. The shower was in the shape of a canoe facing the edge of the cliff, so that it opened up into the most gorgeous ocean view. That’s right. I stood in a canoe, washing my hair, while also watching the morning surfers catch their first waves.

great huts-24 copy

Not your typical tree house bathroom! Swiss Family Robinson much?

great huts-23

Now this is a shower with a view!

great huts-33 copy

I have to say, this is by FAR the best view I have had while washing my hair.

Down at the beach, there are several colorful hammocks to claim and while it may not be ideal for regular beach activities, you are only a short distance away from a larger one.

great huts-9 copy

The view

One thing about having a resort on a 100-foot cliff is that there most definitely is an amazing view. If you wander around a bit, you will find some not-so-typical lounge chairs to soak up a stunning view of the ocean.

great huts-34 copy

There are many trails that take you along the rocky cliffs.

great huts-35 copy

In case this view wasn’t amazing enough, let’s just add a rainbow.

great huts-29

In love with this view–so many tropical colors!

While it may be quite different from other Jamaican resorts, Great Huts is the perfect place for seclusion, relaxation and plenty of exploration.


Want more information? Check out Great Huts at their website!


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