Obviously Germany is known for its beer, but I wanted to know how the food would hold up against its liquid counterpart. When I first told people I was going to Germany, I got variations of the same response:

“Yeah, the food isn’t very good there,” or “We had a hard time finding a good place to eat.”

My expectations of having a memorable culinary experience were quite low before I even touched down in Frankfurt. Now, after having been, I can say that those people are crazy. Maybe it’s because I’m part German or it may have to do with the fact that I’m from the Midwest and Midwesterners love their meat and potatoes. Regardless of that, I found that the food in Frankfurt was delicious!


Schnitzel with fried onions and roast pork with potatoes. 

IMG_3516 copy

Schnitzel with gravy and fries.


It didn’t seem to matter where we went; each place was just as tasty as the last. There was roast pork, schnitzels and sausages topped with savory gravies and paired with your favorite homemade side of potatoes or salad. It was hearty and delicious and on the bitter cold nights I was there, nothing tasted better than being able to get a home-cooked style meal and a tall beer to go with it.


Frankfurters and fries.


A delectable meat and onion pizza. 

Germany-179 copy

Schweinshaxe or roasted pork knuckle with sauerkraut. 

I knew the beer would be good (and it was!), but when combined with the tasty meats and gravies, it became a complete culinary satisfaction.


Germany is not to be missed when it comes to a foodie’s European itinerary!


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