The Infamous Plank Walk (and where it ACTUALLY leads!)

The Plank Walk at Mount Huashan had a viral stint in which it was deemed The World’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trail by the internet jurists, which naturally compelled me to file it under ‘bucket list’. After reading several of these articles online, I was under the impression that you had to face the infamous plank walk if […]

Beijing’s Top Attractions

Beijing has some of the most significant landmarks in China’s history, which makes it one of the first go-to destinations in China. Though the city is most closely associated with the Great Wall, the following places have had a major impact in China’s history and remain as prominent tourist attractions, but do you know what makes […]

7 Reasons Guilin Should be on Your China Itinerary

 China is one of the biggest countries in the world, not to mention the most populated, which means that a trip to explore China can be incredibly daunting because you just can’t get everywhere. Most people who take on the challenge of navigating through China, tend to optimize their time by picking the most famous […]

The World’s Largest Ice and Snow Festival

Each winter, people from all over Asia take an unexpected turn and migrate North to the city of Harbin. There are very few things that could prompt me to take a vacation further north in the dead of winter. However, I was more than willing to lay my bikini aside and join the migration to […]

The Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai

Shanghai is one of China’s bustling epicenters with over 24 million people in constant motion. It can be quite difficult to maneuver through deep crowds of passersby especially if you make the misguided judgment call to visit on any of China’s national holidays. It’s easy to spend a day in Shanghai brunching in the French […]

48 Hours on Shengsi Island-Day 2

  Day 2 After a nice afternoon relaxing at the beach on Shengsi Island, I awoke the following day to rain clouds and gloomy skies. However, this suited me just fine since our second day would be out on the sea for a fishing excursion. Really I was just glad that it hadn’t rained on […]

48 Hours on Shengsi Island-Day 1

  Within a few weeks of arriving in China, the school I work at was rewarded with a staff trip. Having just gotten to China, I really didn’t know what all there was to explore here and was surprised to find out that we would be going to an island off Shanghai called Shengsi Island. […]

Travel Destinations of 2015

As 2015 begins, I can’t help but look forward to what new adventures this year will bring. While other people are sweating it out in the gym and planning their meals for the week to kick-start their resolutions, I’m sitting in bed with a bag of candy searching the Internet for places that spark my […]