Mitad del Mundo

Mitad del Mundo in Quito, Ecuador is a monument situated in a small square that has a yellow line drawn down the middle of it, which divides the Northern hemisphere and the Southern hemisphere. Mitad del Mundo literally means ‘half of the world’, though most people translate it as ‘middle of the world’ (Middle Earth anyone? No?).

Because of this divisional line, you can be in two places at once!

The line itself has been drawn on the latitude line 0°-0′-0″, so that as you walk around the monument, you will switch hemispheres depending on whether you are on the north or south part of the line. And if you stand directly on the line, you are essentially standing on the Equator.

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You can spend a lot of time walking around outside because there are numerous picture opportunities, like:

One foot in each hemisphere


“Okay. Right now you’re straddling the [equatorial] line. …You’re in two places at once.” -A Walk to Remember (I COULDN’T NOT PUT THAT IN HERE.)


Walking the equatorial line

quito18edit copy

Balance…not so good.

Taking a picture with the coordinates

quito08 copy

There are actually a few places you could take this picture.

Duplicating yourself so that you are in each hemisphere

quito61 copy

“Wait, how did you get over there?”

Once inside the monument, you can take a lift to the top where you are met with a different view of the grounds below as well as a look at the surrounding mountains.

quito29 copy

quito31 copy

On the way back to the ground floor, there are different displays set up to look at while going down the stairs, as well as maps and pictures that form somewhat of a miniature museum.

The surrounding square is a charming and peaceful way to spend the afternoon with colorful shops to look into and a few restaurants scattered about.

quito37 copy

Notice the yellow line going down the stairs!

Head to the 2nd floor of Plaza Sol for a large cerveza and camarones al ajillo (garlic grilled shrimp–very tasty!) while enjoying the view. If your lucky, you may even visit on a day where they have live music in the square!

quito44 copy


Be in two places at once? Check!

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