The 48-hr Guide to Iceland

With so many flights opening up through Reykjavik, Iceland is becoming more accessible than ever. It is a gorgeous country full of adventures and definitely deserves the time to properly explore it. Plus, it’s is a great place for a road trip and renting a car is a must if you want to get out […]

Costa Rica in a Whirlwind

Costa Rica is a gorgeous country with lots of lush greenery, tropical landscapes and wild animals. I went to Costa Rica over a long weekend and while it is not nearly enough time to see this country, there are plenty of things you can fit into a 3-day whirlwind trip.   GO ON A NATURE […]

The Ultimate Southeast Asia Bucket List

Backpacking through Southeast Asia is a must-do trip in your 20’s (Really for any age, though the backpacking culture in Asia is heavily 20-somethings). It’s beautiful, full of culture and most of all: it’s cheap. In between drinking on the beach and losing your belongings, you’ll find numerous activities to do, temples to climb and […]


Waking up in Paradise: Trinidad and Tobago

When I was 22 (23?), I applied for a job as a TV host for a travel show in the Caribbean. It’s a long, crazy story that maybe I’ll tell one day, but long story short, I got the job and was told I would be flying to my first destination in just two weeks: […]

guide to thailand

The First Timer’s Guide to Thailand

Out of all the SE Asia countries I went to, Thailand was the most complicated to figure out where to go, mostly because there is a little bit of everything: mountains, cities and islands on islands. Then there are the planes, trains, buses and ferries to figure out. It can be incredibly overwhelming. I obviously […]


National Park Guide: Zion

Zion at a Glance: Zion National Park is home to some gorgeous Jurassic Park-like scenery and some awesome, yet pain inducing, hikes. This isn’t quite a fair statement due to two reasons: I was drastically and pathetically out of shape upon arrival, and I chose to do the most strenuous hike for my first hike. […]

National Park Guide: Canyonlands

Canyonlands is my favorite National Park that we visited on our road trip out west. I either didn’t do too much research on it or the pictures I saw weren’t very great…but for whatever reason, I had no idea what to expect. Canyonlands has 3 districts: Island in the Sky, The Needles and The Maze. […]

The Ultimate Guide to the Wild West

Wild West- We’ve all seen pictures and movies of the Wild West in America, so you know that there are places on places to explore. The wild west is filled with state parks, national parks, overlooks and so much more! But to anyone planning this trip for the first time, it can be daunting. How […]

Where to Camp in the Wild West

The first thing to note about camping is that not all campgrounds are created equal. If you want to camp and have facilities at the same time, there are options for that. If you want to camp in the wilderness and be entirely self sufficient, there are options for that too. Our experience camping definitely […]