I have to admit that it actually took me a long time to explore my own country. Sure, I had been to many of the big cities in the US, but I had never gotten to explore out West until some unforeseen events. If you’ve ever seen 90-Day Fiancé, that was what my husband (who is Dutch) and I did. Basically, you have 90 days to get married once your fiancé comes to the US and afterwards, several months of waiting for a Green Card–in which your spouse is not allowed to work or travel outside the US.

Since we couldn’t go abroad, we decided to go out west! The first trip was a camping extravaganza through Utah and Arizona. The second trip was a spontaneous RV roadtrip through Nevada and California. I had never been to so many National Parks before in my life and they. are. gorgeous. I honestly could not believe it had taken me so long to explore my own backyard.

Most people tend to flock to the Grand Canyon, but you have to check out some of these other spots!

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