After Palawan was voted ‘The Most Beautiful Island in the World’ by Conde Nast, I knew this was a place I had to visit. After a smog-filled year in China, stepping onto the beaches of the Philippines was like stepping into a tropical dream of white sands, crystal water and lush vegetation. In a phrase, it was paradise.

After triapsing through a good part of SE Asia and beach bumming my way around different islands, the Philippines remains one of my favorite places.

To help fuel your winter wanderlust, these 12 photos will make you want to quit your job, pack your bag and visit The Philippines. Here’s why:


1. You can dig your toes into the white sand of a beach that is aptly named ‘White Beach’.

IMG_4106 copy


2. You can sip a fresh coconut by the water, get a massage or heck, even a manicure.

phil4 copy


3.Palm trees surround you everywhere.

phil13 copy


4. The water literally sparkles.

IMG_4338 copy


5. You can enjoy fresh fruit smoothies by the water just as the sun is going down.

visit philippines, el nido


6. You can take boat tours for the day that will lead you to places like this.



7. Or to beaches with karst limestone rocks.

phil11 copy


8. You get views like this just by walking along the beach road.

phil5 copy


9. If you can pry yourself away from the beach, you can venture out into the supremely green countryside by motorbike.

phil12 copy


10. …only to end up at a more secluded beach with hammocks.

phil14 copy


11. You can explore turquoise lagoons on a snorkeling trip.

phil10 copy


12. Even if you go during rainy season, you get decent weather.

IMG_4866 copy


And after staying nearly 2 weeks in the Philippines, you realize that it still isn’t long enough and debate whether or not you should ever leave at all. 


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